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Are the Rams back to being the Rams?

The Rams are back on track after the 3 game skid. The team has won back to back games and is now on a bye. So what have we learned through their first 8 games? The team came out strong and won the first 3 games, then lost the next 3. That is something that has never happened under head coach Sean McVay. We are seeing a different Rams team in 2019.

Todd Gurley is not running as much. He did have a quad injury but we still don't know what seems to be slowing him down. Is it the quad? The Knee? Arthritis?

They also had some weird injuries. Clay Mathews Jr was kicked in the jaw and now its wired shut...for a month. He was making an impact before he was side lined.

The Rams did feel the need to shake up the defense and did so by bringing in Jalen Ramsey from the Jaguars...where Jalen was very vocal about being released. He's a Ram now and his "back Pain" has suddenly subsided. They lost Marcus Peters who was shipped to Baltimore.


The Rams have shown they can win games but their biggest problem may be the division they are in. For what ever reason, the 49ers are undefeated and the Seahawks are right behind them. Which puts the Rams in 3rd place. They are preaching 8 straight...which is what they will have to do to have a real shot in this division in 2019. I don't  think Sean McVay will get a bye week.


Chargers part ways with Whisenhunt

When pro teams lose, someone has to go.  At 3-5 someone had to go. When your team isn't scoring its usually the Offensive Coordinator. For the Chargers it was Ken Whisenhunt.

Its hard to believe the Chargers have stumbled this badly out of the gate. This is the team that was finally over coming the move to Los Angeles...although everyone is still saying San Diego Chargers at least once a week. The Melvin Gordon hold out finally ended but his return was not seamless. Players always say they are staying in football shape. Or so the coaches hope.  He came back in week 5. We are approaching week 9 and the team is talking about trading him.

For some reason this team this year is not cohesive. It doesn't help that every game they play in the Dignity Health Stadium is filled with fans from their opponents. Every week it gets worse. When Denver came it was a sea of Orange. When Pittsburgh came there were so many Steeler fans that you could hear them yelling, "Here we go Steelers, here we go". Are you kidding me?

Its hard to put your finger on what is really going on with this team. They did win a game on Sunday in Chicago. 17-16. Maybe this win will help them pull it together...we will find out Sunday when they play the Packers here in LA...get ready for the Cheeseheads!


The Lakers and Clippers Begin. Is there a Rivalry yet?

The Laker fans and Clipper fans want the Lakers and Clippers to be a rivalry...but they really haven't been. Not yet. Lets face it when the Lakers were really good, they beat the Clippers and everyone else for that matter. The last few years, the Clippers have been far better than the Lakers. Its been very lop sided. But the fans might get their wish...

For the first time in many years, both teams seems to be equally good. Both have Super Stars in Lebron James and Kawhi Leonard.

The first meeting this week was won by the Clippers 112-102. This is only the beginning of the season so stay tuned.


The Angels Welcome Joe Maddon back home.

For 31 years Joe Maddon called Angels stadium home. He won a World Series with them in 2002 before leaving for Tampa Bay and Chicago. And while in Chicago he did what seemed like the impossible dream for Cub fans, he led them to a World Series win.

This week he returns to Anaheim. On one hand he is excited to work with future Hall Of Famers like Mike Trout and Albert Pujols. He also praises over looked talent like Andrelton Simmons and David Fletcher.

But the Angels have been healing and bleeding over the recent death of pitcher Tyler Skaggs. It has been reported that he died from taking opioids and alcohol. It was tragic. But the opioid crisis is not unique to the Angels locker room. Time will show us this is a much bigger problem that MLB will have to address. None the less many wondered if this would deter Maddon from coming back home. It did not.

Joe could have gone anywhere he wanted. I asked him if he even considered going to another team and he told me absolutely not.

Under the dark clouds that this team has been under, Maddon is certainly the ray of sunshine that the Angels need to start in 2020.

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