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Sports Interrupted

Early in March I traveled to Arizona for my annual Spring Training Show. I set up interviews with the Angels and Dodgers and off I went. It was like any other normal Spring Training until it wasn't. One night at the Dodgers, CEO Stan Kasten came into our media room and explained that the COVID 19 Virus had become more of a problem.

Prior to leaving the news was grim in China and then Italy. Although we were told it would be coming, no new to what degree. While in Phoenix, I did go to a Target to get hand sanitizer. Nothing. Thankfully I knew Bath and Body Works had hand sanitizers, so I went there to grab as many as they would sell me. Reporters are constantly shaking hands, etc with players and fans. Its our job. Part of our job that will drastically change.

Kasten told us there was nothing in stone but there was a possibility that the season could start on time but without fans. It seemed so extreme at the time. Putting in hand sanitizers throughout the stadium was also an option. And maybe no contact between players and fans...which meant no autographs.

No one realized then, this was a much bigger problem. Media members joking to "wash your hands" was our daily mantra. Players were still signing autographs and Spring Training continued at the Angels and Dodgers and the rest of the league.

I came back to California with a completes Spring Training show in hand just in time to cover the Laker/Clippers game. The next day Rudy Gobert tested positive for Corona Virus and it went rampant thru the NBA.

It quickly became a problem for everyone in the World and all of sports went from normal to shut down over night.

The Lakers and Clippers were on track to set up one of the most exciting playoffs for Los Angeles in years were not immune with both teams getting hit with the virus. Former NBA player Matt Barnes saying the basketball is filthy. Guys are spitting on their hands to grip the ball, they are sweating while constantly touching the ball. Locker rooms are also a living pitri dish. They are hot and steamy from the showers. A perfect environment for a Virus to breed. This goes for all sports across the board.

With 2 weeks left of Spring Training games, teams told players to go home. The entire country was sent home and told to remain there by the President of the United States.

Opening Day for baseball was yesterday. Commissioner Rob Manfred said he is hoping to get baseball started by June 1st. The Indy 500 has been moved to August and the NBA have talked about going right into playoffs and not finishing out the regular season games. The NFL draft will happen in April but it will happen without fans and with the social distancing guidelines in place. As of now, the NFL is hoping to keep the season schedule in tact. Thankfully NFL free agency is so crazy, I will dedicate an entire show to it next month.

Until then, stay safe and WASH YOUR HANDS!

And a huge THANK YOU to all of the people who are on the front lines. Doctors, nurses, grocery store workers, restaurant workers, pharmacy workers. To everyone who is still working THANK YOU. And to everyone who are not able to work, hang in there. We are all in this together.


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