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Maria Serrao Honored by the City Of Los Angeles County Supervisors Office

for her work on television in sports while being a wheelchair bound reporter.

In October Maria received this honor as America's only female sports reporter covering sports from a wheelchair. Only 2% of disabled people are represented on television and Maria is a part of this 2%. Its shocking when nearly 20% of the audience has a disability or injury in our country. Maria is an inspiration and role model as someone who has made it defying all the odds.




Maria Serrao is a Groundbreaker. In 1989 she became the first woman in a wheelchair to compete in a Miss California beauty Pageant. Later, Maria created her own cable fitness show called, "Everyone Can Exercise". In addition, she created her own line of fitness video's for the retail market entitled, "Real Life Fitness". This was created from her own desperate need to find a way to burn fat sitting down. After working with a personal trainer, Maria created a work out and lost 50 lbs. Maria then became the National Spokesperson for CYBEX fitness equipment. During that time, she traveled through out the United States and Canada promoting sports and fitness. She appeared on such shows as "Good Morning America" and "Entertainment Tonight". Maria also works as an actress guest starring on "21 Jumpstreet" and "Prison Break".


Maria was approached by a local TV Station COX-TV in Los Angeles to become their Sports Anchor/Reporter for their newly launched News program on KCOX Channel 3. Maria also hosted a live weekly sports show called "The NFL on COX". Former NFL Great  Jerry Robinson co-hosted the show. The show was a hit with guests including Joe Montana and Troy Aikman to name a few. It was during this time Maria also began covering all of the local professional teams in Los Angeles including the Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers, Angels and Kings. She also covered the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders. Maria has also covers IndyCar and NASCAR races throughout the west. 


Maria was the victim of a drunk driver at the age of five that left her partially paralyzed. She has never allowed her disability to prevent her from achieving anything in her life. Not even working as a sports reporter in the number two market in the Country. Currently Maria works at RPVtv in the South Bay of Los Angeles. Here Maria produces, writes and hosts her own sports show called, "Playing The Field" where she features the biggest names in sports. From Derek Jeter to Kobe Bryant to the Stanley Cup Finals, Maria travels the country for stories. 


"Playing the Field" airs through out Southern California and is now seen here on PLAYINGTHEFIELDTV.COM


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